Garden design, landscaping and maintenance in Tooting

A reputation we’ve worked hard to develop

Over 27 years of experience have gone into making Muddy Wellies an excellent garden design business in Tooting.  Since we began landscaping gardens Tooting has played a key role in the growth of our business and it’s an area we’ve enjoyed watching evolve and develop.

An attention to detail that benefits from the local touch

Any garden benefits from a sprinkling of local expertise. Getting to know which plants thrive and which plants struggle in Tooting, not to mention getting to grips with local pests and community-wide gardening issues, has been part and parcel of establishing ourselves at the forefront of garden design in Tooting.
Tooting garden landscaping has its own, individual issues and being aware of the local environment from the start, understanding how it impacts on Tooting garden design really does make a difference.

Passionate about your community

Local people care about local issues and so, as a local gardening business Tooting has become more than just a place to work for us; it’s a place where our dreams of creating really original gardens become reality and it’s a place where our commitment to leaving every single customer 100% happy with their new garden has helped our business go from strength to strength.

Muddy Wellies wants to be a part of your community.  Why not invite us round for a garden party… we promise you’ll be impressed with the results.

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