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Knowledge that’s taken decades to gather

Landscape gardening is a trade that doesn’t come quickly.  It takes years to develop the expertise required to plan and create truly excellent gardens.  That’s why at Muddy Wellies, we’re so proud of the 27 years of experience in garden design Richmond has helped to give us.  We’ve worked hard to establish our reputation and we hope that through our garden design Richmond will benefit too.

The local touch that creates stunning results

For a local gardening design service, Richmond feels like the perfect place to let our creative juices flow.  We’ve taken time to develop a depth of local knowledge in garden design Richmond can be proud of.

In Richmond, landscape gardening services might seem a little over the top or unnecessary given the urban location but that’s what Muddy Wellies is all about; creating fantastic garden landscapes that can both complement and contrast the community they grow within, turning urban areas into an oasis of colourful plant life.

We care about your community

Understanding the unique requirements for garden design Richmond possesses is a fundamental part of our whole business ethos.  As a local gardening design business in Richmond, we know that it’s our responsibility to help make your community as vibrant and beautiful as possible.

It’s something we’re genuinely passionate about so if you want the next garden design Richmond will boast about to be yours, get in touch with Muddy Wellies today.

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