Garden design, landscaping and maintenance in Putney

Two decades worth of local experience

When it comes to garden design Putney is a fantastic blank canvass to work with.  Muddy Wellies has been creating stunning garden re-designs in Putney since its creation in 1990 and between us, our experience stretches back over 27 years.

Coupled with the knowledge that we’ve built in garden design Putney has the natural charm and beauty required to become the perfect setting for our sympathetic designs and community inspired garden landscapes.

Local knowledge that shines through

In this day and age, everything seems to be going global but gardening can really benefit from a little bit of local expertise.  When it comes to garden design Putney is as unique as every other part of the world.  Some plants love being planted here, others will wilt away and die without intensive care.  If you know what suits the local community and know Putney garden design becomes a whole lot simpler.  Simpler; yet more beautiful, effective and sustainable.

For garden landscaping, Putney should demand the local touch.  Its wonderful community deserves the very best.

A local business for local people

In Putney gardening design isn’t just about re-designing the shape of a garden or making suggestions about how landscaping could help, it’s about local people too.  Muddy Wellies is a local gardening design service in Putney so we know what local people want.

We’ve helped turn your neighbours’ gardens into the pride of the street, isn’t it time it was your turn?

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