14 Feb 2011

Paving Most gardens have a walkway or patio and paving is the single item that most conveys the quality of the job.  Traditional stone, slate or a modern ceramic will add flair and finesse and suggest quality, whilst utilitarian slabs suggest a practical approach where the plants do the talking.

14 Feb 2011

Fencing Whilst it may seem boring, defining your property with a fence is one of the essential tasks.  Some fencing is purely aesthetic and products such as bamboo screens will really complement your planting, but you may need something more functional, in which case solid wood fencing panels will be more appropriate.

14 Feb 2011
Front Garden

Even if you are most at home in a pair of muddy wellies, sorting out the vegetable patch, the look and feel of your garden should be a priority and landscaping your garden can achieve a fantastic result. Gardening design is full of personal choice and you may decide that a DIY renovation project is […]

02 Feb 2011

Whilst for many people the garden is a place to sit and relax in summer, or pull on the muddy wellies in spring to grow some vegetables, your garden is also home to a wealth of wildlife.  Following some easy advice will help you look after it and make sure your garden continues to attract […]

19 Jan 2011
Planting and lawn care Wimbledon

Spring is perhaps the most exciting time to be in the garden.  Vegetable planting can get solidly underway, bulbs are blossoming, and pulling on your muddy wellies for an hour or two of gardening can be a real pleasure. The importance of bulbs in the spring calendar means that front gardens are often at their […]

06 Jan 2011

January can often mean hard frosts or snow, or at the very least lots of rain that means you have to get your muddy wellies out but, hopefully, you will still have the chance to get some important winter jobs done. If you grew vegetables last year and have some crops stored in sheds then […]

17 Dec 2010

At winter times your shrubs and trees will be weakened by all the snow, ice and wind. If there are any breakage wounds these can become victims to insects or decay. If there is a light snowfall, it is best to let the ice melt naturally because if you try to remove the ice it […]