21 Aug 2013

Summer has finally graced us with its presence so it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. But what do you do if you’ve neglected your garden all winter and it needs a dose of TLC to make it hospitable once more?

Accessibility is vital in gardens so that you can go outside and instantly relax in your own private sanctuary. It doesn’t take long to achieve this effortless look either, and minimal changes can suit a variety of budgets. There’s so much more to gardens than BBQs and paddling pools as you’re soon to discover with these handy tips…

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are sturdy and practical, making them a must for any garden. With a range of sizes and designs to choose from, these outdoor favourites can be embraced by those seeking a stylish touch as well as those looking for a more practical purpose. Dining al fresco can become an everyday event and you can eat together comfortably rather than on mismatched deckchairs.

The other ideal trait of picnic tables is their durability – you can leave most of them out regardless of weather conditions and they’ll remain perfectly intact. On wooden designs, it may be worthwhile to use a water-resistant stain to maintain the quality, but even without such precautions they are a satisfyingly reliable piece of furniture.

Garden Furniture Sets

When the weather’s nice, it can be disheartening to spend your waking hours stuck indoors. Try turning your garden into an extra living room by investing in an outdoor furniture set complete with sofa and coffee table and topped with a parasol for shade. Throw in some outdoor fairy lights and you’ll have to tear yourself away once winter arrives.

After summer is over, make sure to guard your furniture by putting it into storage or protecting it with appropriate covering. This way it can be a perfect summer addition to your garden for years to come – with only marginal effort required.

Grow Your Own

As food prices show no sign of diminishing, now is the perfect time to cultivate your own vegetable patch. You can grow a variety of produce because seeds are widely available at garden centres and supermarkets. Summer salads will be ridiculously easy to create and fit perfectly alongside a tasty barbecue – delicious!

It does take some preparation to set up a vegetable patch but both long-term and short-term benefits arise from this early hard work. In addition to saving money, you’ll be introducing a wider range of vitamins into your diet without having to think twice about it. Organic produce can look pretty in your garden too – especially delicate courgette flowers.

Fire Pits

For when those summery evenings turn a little chilly, a log burner is the ideal solution to keep the night going. Cosy and welcoming, they’re an underrated addition to any garden despite their functionality and striking designs. Some can even double up as a barbecue, making for enjoyable nights around the pretend campfire.

Not only will this keep you warm during the twilight hours, it’s a beautifully atmospheric light source that’s definitely more illuminating than a wobbling torch. This can be useful during winter too as there’s no longer any need to hide away from the cold. Singing and marshmallows are optional!

Water Features

Introduce some tranquillity into your life by installing a water feature in your garden. This stunning centrepiece will be a conversation-starter at any social gatherings and adds a unique element that not many other spaces can compete with. The key is to blend the feature into the rest of your garden so it looks perfectly at home rather than like an odd but fancy puddle.

With a little hard work and a few essential purchases, you can transform your garden into a haven worth spending time in this summer. Now all you need to add is a little bit of sunshine and a group of loved ones to really make the most of your space!

How do you get the most out of your garden during the summer? Comment below with your tips!

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