12 Aug 2013

Ideas for landscaping your garden

A garden can be a perfect escape, from your everyday stressful environment.  It also can be considered as an extra room to a house. Your family can spend many hours outside in the garden, and enjoy a beautifully landscape. Many people have back gardens that are full of weeds, sand, or rocks.  An ugly garden not only decreases the value of your property but can be stressful. It is stressful to see something dull and ugly every day. It is also horrible having to up keep the garden, and constantly cut down weeds.  Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you are mowing weeds that are taller than you, and you constantly have to stop mowing to remove huge rocks. Imagine having a beautiful back garden with green grass and a fountain.  Perhaps a flower garden on the side and a nice bench to sit on, with wind chimes hanging from a tree. This alone causes you to relax and, forget about the stresses of chopping through weeds like your pioneering through a Vietnamese jungle.

Decide what you would like in the garden

So now you want to landscape your garden. This brings a few questions to mind. What type of landscaping do you want in your garden? What plants are easy to up keep, and require little to no care? Then last what design should you use?

There are many types of landscaping. You can landscape with water, rocks, sand, cactus, grass, or bushes. Landscaping pretty much involves the decorating of ones garden with anything of a natural element. A natural element would be anything that is a plant, rock, dirt, sand, or decorative to a garden.

Some people who live in drier climates decide to not use plants at all. Strict watering restrictions cause many plants to die off including cactus.  So the opt. into creating a land scape with rocks. You can use gravel in the main part of your garden, or sand. Then add decorative rocks, and if permitted fountains. Many water restricted areas, recycle the water from their air conditioners into their water fountains.

Watering considerations

If you live in a place where there is a bit more water but there are very strict watering restrictions. You might want to consider using succulents and cactus. There are breeds of cactus that grow in bush like formations, and some even as big as trees. Succulents and cactus both produce breath taking flowers during the spring and fall. A very popular succulent is rose moss, and hens and chicks. You can put mesh in a chair with the seat removed, and then add peat moss. Above the peat moss add dirt, and then plant the rose moss and, hens and chicks. The rose moss trellises over the edge of the chair, giving a dramatic effect. Many people also use old boots, or drawers for a similar project.

If you live in a place that has so much water that you can’t grow plants. They rot and die; one might consider having a bog garden or a pond. Aquatic plants love water. A favorite of mine used are lotus flowers for ponds. They come in an arrangement of colors. There are also several different breeds of trees that like large amounts of water, like the cypress tree.

You have to also consider the acidity and chemicals present in your soil. You can Google online to find many varieties of plants, or visit your local nursery. Many plant nurseries also often carry genetically hybrid plants and plants that have been graphed onto a different root in order for them to survive in your area. It is always best to ask what plants are best to use in your area, and what plants require the least of care.

Either way the main thing to consider is what you like. What are your favorite things, and plants? For example my wife loves yellow roses. So when I plant roses I usually plant yellow ones for her. I also have an area of my garden that I plant red roses. I have a red rose bush for every year I have been married.

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