06 Aug 2013
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Dreaming of a modern garden for cool outdoor entertaining? Or something classically elegant for intimate garden parties to enjoy with family and close friends? With summer and the warm weather finally gracing us, it is the perfect time to breathe some new life into your garden. There really is nothing better than enjoying good food and cold drinks outdoors with friends and family when the weather is warm; however, there is more to making your garden an extension of your home than merely arranging a few chairs around the backyard. Whatever you want from your garden, here is some inspiration for creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space for summer and help your ideas blossom.

Defining Style:

The first important question you should ask yourself is what style or trend you would like to work to. You should be looking to create a one of a kind garden style that extends your home outside. There are a number of designs that can create a unique look for your garden.

If you are going for a look that has clean, understated lines and a limited colour palette, choose a contemporary style. This can complement a modern home design or can provide an interesting contrast to a rustic house style. Teak wooden furniture lends itself well to contemporary designs and can bring lasting beauty to your garden, as it contains resinous oil that prevents water penetrating the wood, making it perfect for the outdoors. The lighter, untreated nature of the wood works well with a limited colour palette and clean cut lines that are synonymous with contemporary design. To entertain in true style, choose your table and chairs first and then accessorise around these key pieces – they make all the difference. Hang a piece of abstract outdoor art on the  wall to accessorise the space and use outdoor wooden stools for extra surface space for food and drinks or seats for your extra guests.

For a more traditional garden style, choose a theme that sits well within the characteristics of your home. Asian style exterior style is extremely popular at the moment, is versatile and can be as subtle as you choose: contemporary with clean lines, or rustic like tree stumps cut and finished as stools. The first style is elegant and abstract and the second is naturally inspired. The beauty of an Asian style outdoor space is its clean simplicity, elegance and natural tranquillity. Forego harsh outdoor lighting by hanging windlights around your garden. As the sun sets, the candles will create a soft, tranquil ambiance and will allow you and your guests to remain outdoors.


Now that you have decided on the style of your garden, you want to furnish it so it is as beautiful and comfortable as your home interior. When it comes to buying furniture for your garden there are a few things to consider carefully to make sure you get the most out of your garden by choosing the furniture that’s right for your needs and space. Ask yourself what you want to use your garden for – reading, eating, entertaining? This will help you determine what you will need to achieve this.

Garden furniture comes in all kinds of shapes, materials and sizes. Start by browsing the market and get an idea of how much you would like to spend as this will help you determine the material of your furniture: wooden furniture can be slightly more expensive but is much better quality, fares better outside and you get a longer life span from it. If you have limited space then perhaps folding furniture is key so you are able to store it when the weather isn’t its best.

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