29 Jul 2013
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Even though the garden may seem to stop growing in at particular times of the year, the work never ends and there’s always something to do. So, let’s take a look at the tasks that you can perform in August to make the most of your outdoor area.

Flower Garden Care

The end of summer is a busy time in the flower area of the garden – here are some of the things that need doing:

  • Ensure your patio container plants are well watered and also sufficiently fed.
  • If you have tall flowers like lilies or dahlias then these need to be staked to prevent the wind blowing them over.
  • Trim lavender to prevent them becoming too large and cumbersome
  • If you have other herbs, cut them back now as this will mean you will have new leaves to harvest before cold weather sets in
  • Prune rambling roses
  • Collect seeds that are ripened and keep them for next year
  • If you have a wildflower meadow, then now is the time to cut it as the seeds will scatter
  • If you are going to propagate your tender perennials then now is the time to take cuttings
  • Spray around perennial weeds with a weed killer
  • Dead head perennials and plants in beds.
  • Prune wisteria and summer flowering bushes

Lawn Care

The lawn also needs some car in august – here are some of the things you should do:

  • If it’s brown, don’t worry, there’ll soon be plenty of rain – especially if you’re performing grounds maintenance Amersham or anywhere else in the UK.
  • Don’t feed it as new growth will be damaged by the colder weather
  • Raise the height you cut your lawn at as the growth will now be slower than at the beginning of the summer. This helps encourage healthy grass
  • Those who are going to lay a new lawn should prepare now. The area will take time to settle and weeds will need to germinate.
  • Lawn edges can be cleaned and cut
  • If you have ants, clean their nests

Green House Care

The green house also needs care at this time of year – here are just some of the activities to perform in August:

  • Water plants if soil is dry
  • Increase humidity on dry days
  • Avoid overheating with blinds on very warm days
  • Use sticky traps to prevent flying pests causing damage
  • Clean fallen leaves up to prevent health issues

Fruit Care

August Garden Prep – What you Need to Do

Fruit arriving lush at this time of year and there are a number of things to do now that will help you reap rewards:

  • Feed plants with a high potash feed
  • If you have citrus plants feed them with an apt fertiliser
  • Net berries to prevent animal problems
  • Harvest fruit trees such as plums, apricots and cherries
  • If you have loads of berries why not freeze them – they will keep for the whole winter
  • Tidy up strawberry plants to improve ventilation
  • Plant out rooted runners if you have strawberries to prepare for 12 months’ time.

Vegetable Care

Vegetables also need plenty of looking after now:

  • Water vegetable plants daily
  • When fruits on the vegetable plants start to form, feed them with tomato feed
  • Remove the top of tomato plants to concentrate growth. Do the same for runner beans if they are at the top of their canes
  • Thin parsley to ensure the roots are strong for the cold weather
  • Harvest second potatoes if they’re ready
  • Remove onions and shallots if the foliage is dying back
  • Take cuttings of herbs and dry
  • Be wary of potato and tomato blight and also butterfly eggs on cabbage
  • Clear the dead foliage away from vegetables
  • Be aware of leaves

If you follow these tips you should find that your garden is completely under control for the month of August.

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